About Me

Hi, I’m Donna Ward, author of The Way I Take.  I am a Texas born and bred southern gal, with eclectic tastes. I have somewhat given up my tomboy tendencies in order to be a sedate and sensible woman (at least my family hopes so).  I love to read, write, cuddle with my cats, work on crafts and quilts, and household DIY projects. One might possibly find me either onstage or somehow involved with theatrical works or concerts. I love to play piano and sing! Celtic music tugs on my highlander soul and sets my feet to dancing. Although I sing just about anything, the music that encourages me and gives me life is Southern Gospel and hymns of faith.

There are a number of personality tests that I have taken, and they all assure me that I tend to be a melancholy-choleric; perhaps that explains my somewhat “dark and twisty” life? My life has been (and often continues to be) full of drama and turmoil; at times, despairing. You see, ultimately, I am a survivor. And because of what HE has brought me through, I wish to “Publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell all Thy wondrous works” (Psalm 26:7).