Baked Goodies – Holiday Necessities!

Yum! Overwhelmed with the need to bake goodies, my mouth watering and stomach growling, I poured over incredibly tasty looking goodies in magazine slicks. I thumbed through cookbooks. I just couldn’t work on the ever-growing, never-ending “To Do” ” list!

Several wonderful things popped out at me. I raced to the pantry. Well, I’m missing some major ingredients for each of those goodies. Hummmm. I wonder if I can do it? Would it be possible for me to actually – GASP – improvise? Me? The OCD, do it by the book, can’t cook a lick girl?

What have I got to lose?

Alright! I’ll improvise. The Substitutions book Mom gave me one Christmas promptly plopped onto the countertop. The Better Homes and Gardens old cookbook flopped open. Improvising on goodies. The worst that can happen would be that whatever came out would not fall under the category of “goodie” and would fill the trash can. Ok – so I know that’s NOT the worst thing that can happen. After all, I’m the one whose smoke alarm would go off within two minutes of me at the stove; then the stove actually caught on fire; the attic had burned insulation and scorch marks; and we won’t even discuss past gastrointestinal failures and culinary impotence.

So, here came the goodies. The first was Candied Citrus Peel. Candied Citrus peal made with grapefruit and orange peelings. They turned out great! My co-workers are eating them up! They turned out like jellied candies but much better for you. DSCN0331 By the way, it turns out that my little camera has this great feature called “food.” If that option is chosen, the resulting photo looks like it could be in a Magazine!)

Next, I attempted Lime Curd from the juice of the limes that I had saved. Worked really well all things considered. I added some green food coloring to make it look Limey. From this recipe, I had one – just ONE – egg white. What kind of Holiday goodies or goody can I make with ONE egg white?

Meringue! Oh yes! But real meringues take 3 egg whites. Isn’t this what improvisation is all about? Using what you have? In goes the ceramic bowl to the fridge and the whisk to the freezer to get cool.

Yes – you, too, can do the impossible of making meringues using one medium egg white and 1/3 of the recipe (try coming up with 1/3 of a pinch of salt) for the rest and a Whisk! WHISK?? I certainly got my workout using a whisk to make this goodie! Wow. Of course people had to use whisks before electric beaters; anything that my ancestors did, I am sure that I can do, too. So I did and came up with five little meringues which will hold my lime curd. These are great goodies!


Mom’s Cobbler. My FAVORITE goodie of hers. OK – so I LOVE all of her recipes. But this one is so incredibly easy. In it went. Into a deep baking dish rather than the usual over-large pie pan. It was great (or IS great! I’ve just started eating on it).

Yep – there is “gonna be a HOT time in the old” house tonight! Give these goodies a try! The citrus peel would make great Christmas presents.

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