A Christmas Card for a little old lady

As one of the ladies left the nursing home Christmas party with her two young Santa’s helpers, the littlest girl scanned our table where a few of us were sitting and eating with our loved ones, their presents next to us on the table or on the floor. In her arms, she carried homemade Christmas cards of sky-blue construction paper with large, jolly, white snowmen on them. Her job was to give a Christmas card to each of the residents of the home.

Suddenly,the little voice wailed: “MAMA! WAIT!!! WAIT, Mama!! That little old lady didn’t get a Christmas card with her stocking!”

As the little girl’s mother stopped to wait, I and several other ladies looked around our table for the little old lady without a Christmas card.

At that moment, I felt a tiny hand on my arm and a winsome little voice say, “Ma’am? This is your Christmas card. It goes with your stocking!” I looked down at her in surprise and some amusement as she proudly pulled a snowman card from the group she carried.

I’m afraid that the table began shaking as several of the folks tried to keep from laughing outloud. I looked in her confident innocent eyes, happy in the thought that she was giving me something precious in a Christmas card. I thanked her appropriately for the beautiful snowman card. She proudly told me that her class made the cards. She was six years old. I enthusiastically told her that I loved it. She almost skipped away in her own happiness of providing a gift.

After she left, the Christmas card was given to the correct stocking. We have been given much joy and laughter from that incident. Yes, it was incredibly funny! And a number of people have laughed with me and at me over this incident. However, it was very precious! This little girl was so concerned that every single resident receive a Christmas card, and had observed that there was no Christmas card with the stocking at my elbow. She immediately stopped everything to provide this, so I would not be left out. She was a precious little jewel.

If you have any troubles finding the joy of Christmas, perhaps you might find part of the secret here. Find it in giving something of yourself (a homemade Christmas card made with love) and giving it to someone who does not have one, or may not even receive one. It’s not in the big, expensive gifts; Christmas is encompassed in the small, seemingly insignificant things given with love and sacrifice and selflessness.

May you find the joy of Christmas in the small things this year and then multiply them to others in the New Year!

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