New Year 2015

Once again we find ourselves at the closing of one year as a new year prepares to dawn, pondering on hopes, dreams, realities, and possibilities. Perhaps you are at a party, singing and making merry while counting down the hours (soon to be minutes); perhaps you are at home watching your favorite movies with family, a few close friends, or your furry love, contemplating a warm bed vs. counting down New Year 2015.

Last year, I had decided that my “resolution” would be one word: TRUST. I would spend my year in learning to really trust God. Personally, it seems as if it were only yesterday or last week that my journey began in 2014. It seems that my journey was really very short and I wonder if I have gained anything on this “one word journey.”

I have learned. It has been an interesting road. Not easy, for me. Suffice it to say, that I have learned of “trust” and my life has been better for it. Calmer and more peaceful, internally. I can’t explain it here; I will do that another time.

So on to New Year 2015. What are my hopes, dreams, realities, and possibilities? Do I have one word to focus on this year?

My hope and dream is to write, create, and sing – again. Reach into my deepest soul and bring forth those things that give me life and share them once again. I have let my job beat that out of me, and that is wrong. God gave me certain talents that not only glorify Him but give me life. It’s time to turn them loose once again this new year.

Realities and possibilities? One word? I’m not sure of the one word. This new year, I want to focus on Health. I think that health also encompasses the soul – and those things in the previous paragraph will be healthy. It’s not just exercise and nutrition (or I would be lost here), it’s whole life. The realities of my life are like yours: work, responsibilities, family, and juggling time. How do I balance possibilities with hopes and dreams and realities? If you have figured that out, let me know :)

Tonight as I watch the New Year come in, one cat asleep on the couch and one cuddled closely in my lap while a movie plays on TV (and my foot has fallen asleep), I will think about what I would like to see happen in my life the new year.

What about you? What are your hopes, dreams, realities, possibilities, or “one” word for the New Year 2015? Please share and let’s encourage one another.

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