Life declutter and growth

This year is the year I declutter, send away, throw away, and fix-up or remodel. If I’m to experience growth in my Journey, some things must be shed. The first thing to get ransacked was the cedar chest. In the cedar chest, I found my old Blue Bird and Camp Fire Girl uniforms,

My BlueBird uniform

Donna cowboy shirt

Donna’s Cowboy shirt – only worn by true Heroines riding horses.

my favorite “cowgirl” shirt, and what I called “my Indian Princess” dress. I can remember wearing each of them and loving them so much! I would LOVE to sell them to someone who would love them as much as I.

Then, yesterday, in my sewing material, I found a long, fully-lined wool skirt (in burnt orange). I remember making it and the job that I was in when I completed it (yes, as an adult). Never worn! When I finished the skirt, we stopped having winters cold enough to wear it.

Now, ummm….. something happened to my body since I made the skirt. I don’t know when or how. People who see me tease me about being very small and not needing to lose weight. Some dark night, I experienced growth and unfortunately growth outward. This picture proves my point about weight gain. But then, I suppose it’s all in perspective.

wool skirt

My never worn wool skirt (because we stopped having winters) with the shocking 24″ waist.

OK All of you people who say I don’t need to lose weight, please take a very CLOSE look at the yardstick above the waistband. You will notice that it says 12 inches (which means the waist is 24 inches). I’m rather flabbergasted myself! I remember the year I made it! It wasn’t THAT long ago. I don’t think it was that long ago. At this point, the only girls that I know that could wear this would be my five and six year old cousins, a friend’s little girl, or perhaps my co-workers one year old little girl!!

Wow. I think my next project is to pull out all of my pictures and see if I can see when the changed happened. Growing up is a journey of excitement. Growing out, well, that’s not exactly the path I wanted.

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