Life Changes

Life changes have complicated my life and prevented my being onsite for awhile. Life hit me with what seemed to be a million curve balls. I’ll give a short summary here for any of you who have been wondering.

The years 2015 – 2016 were pretty brutal. You would think there was enough going on with just work things and family issues, but evidently I needed some refining in my life. This refining came about by a ton of life changes – some good, some not so good.

There were a number of funerals that I attended – my dad, my favorite great aunt, another great aunt, and a few others. There were the usual work issues. There were health issues. 2015 ended with a tornado which took my home (it collapsed, had to be gutted and re-built). 2016 was the year I became a juggler: contractors, work, family, personal, contractors, church, insurance, contractors…..and tons of paperwork. All of these changes were pretty difficult.

The really cool thing?  God became so very real and personal; He took care of so many things for me and I saw HIS hand in everything. These life changes were rocking my world and showing me things I would never have seen otherwise.

2017 – got my house back, fostered some children, and again dealing with health issues. And hackers took over my website. Talk about life changes!

I’m still seeing God at work.  My plans are to write up my last 2 years’ experiences, to share these life changes and some photos with you. It’s been an amazing ride; I wouldn’t change it for what I’ve learned and become.

More later – I need to prepare for our family’s Christmas/New Year’s party. I just wanted to reach out to you all.  I look forward to the life changes that God will bring about this year.

May God bless you in the new year!



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